Codeal adopts a fact-based, market-driven approach to distribute specialized products in B2B (wholesale) and B2C (online) markets. Our focus territory is Finland, although in certain cases we handle distribution within Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) regions as well.

Intensive distribution - Products are stocked in the majority of outlets.
Selective distribution – No intermediaries, specialized goods carried through specialist dealers (online and offline).
Exclusive distribution – Dedicated online shop or limited number of outlets by select retailer.

Much of the retail sales and distribution in Finland, and EU market in general, are dominated by very few large players. These companies effectively limit the market entry opportunities for new market entrants as shelf space is limited and taken by old, established manufacturers and suppliers. Codeal aims to break through these barriers by opening new channels for our vendor partners.

B2C – Online, direct to end-user sales with strong focus on social marketing activities
B2B – Independent and national retail channels, specialized dealers

Codeal has helped businesses achieve increased sales, brand awareness and sustainable business growth through deploying market entry strategies. We can help you find your target market, plan your marketing and sales and get great results.